How to install CQL

Unzip the file This will create a directory named \cql in the directory from which was unzipped.

Convert Heijden's ChessBase endgame study database (or whichever database you want to search through) to PGN format. To do this:

  • Create a new database named heijden.pgn in chessbase with a format of PGN.
  • Drag the icon for the Study Database onto the icon of the new database.
  • Move heijden.pgn into the \cql directory.

This completes the installation. You can now run CQL.

Usage of CQL

The CQL program must be run from the command line in a DOS prompt. You should be in the \cql directory to run the program. The program takes a single command-line argument, the name of a cql file.

C:\> cd cql

C:\cql> cql idealmirrormate.cql

Sample CQL files are available here. The ".cql" extension is added by default if missing in the command line invocation.

The meaning of a CQL file is determined by the CQL syntax

ChessQuery Language Manual: