What’s VisualCQL

VisualCQL is a graphic user interface to CQL.

Visual CQL

CQL (Chess Query Language) is both

  • engine (software) for searching in chess databases
  • a special query language for this purpose

CQL engine is powerful but not user friendly console application. VisualCQL

Copyrights CQL © Gady Costeff and Lewis Stiller 2004, freeware VisualCQL © Emil Vlasak 2004 evcomp@quick.cz, free after registration (I need info how many people use VisualCQL because of future development time investmenmt.)

Download Visual CQL from http://www.volny.cz/evcomp/vcql.htm

Download Visual CQL


How to install

Just copy files to your CQL directory:

  • VisualCQL.exe program
  • VisualCQL.pal palette structure and strings
  • vcqlrun.bat a bridge to run cql engine
  • VisualCQL.doc manual

You can extra download and copy the file cqlpgnv.exe a PGN results viewer, pleasant, but not necessary to run VCQL

Of course, for the full function you need: CQL.exe search engine, download from www.rbnn.com/cql.

Download Visual CQL


How to use

VisualCQL editor is a simple text editor with all basic File (New, Save, Save as), Clipboard (Cut, Copy, Paste) and Font functions. Using this editor you can create CQL requests by a traditional way.

In addition there is a “Run” Menu item and Button, shortcut Ctrl+R. It runs CQL searching engine with a current CQL request. Without a heavy command line.

In addition there is a PGN viewer – it allows to view search results (games and even moves) directly from VisualCQL. Use the Eye icon or Ctrl-U or menu Edit/View Results. More about it in Advanced users paragraph.

Visual CQL

CQL Palette. Call CQL palette with a Palette button or from keyboard Ctrl+P. It contains - in a structured form - all CQL elements. You can paste any element directly in Editor in a long or short form. Short form is one-line short version without comments.

  • Mouse long form: left click.
  • Mouse short form: left click + Alt.
  • Keyboard long form: select by cursors + Enter
  • Keyboard long form: select by cursors + Space

Advanced users

VisualCQL.pal is a configuration file for advanced users. Editing this file you can change both a Palette structure or Inserted text. So you can tune or correct VisualCQL problems and errors. This way the VisualCQL software could be also adapted - without reprogramming - for the future CQL engine updates. And this way you can localize Visual CQL Palette, too.

Result viewer

If the program cqlpgnv.exe is found in VisualCQL directory, it is used to view the result. The PGN database name is derived from the actual CQL request form. If cqlpgnv.exe is not found, the Windows PGN associated viewer is used instead. For example ChessBase or Fritz.

Visual CQL

Enjoy Emil Vlasák, evcomp@quick.cz