PGNExtract GUI

by Alex Guerrero

Download PGNExtract GUI

PGNExtract GUI is a utility to use pgn-extract easily (without using command line).

PGNExtract GUI

  • Join pgn files.
  • Clean pgn files.
  • Do many different types of search on a pgn database using criteria as date, player, eco, material, position, etc.


  • Result.pgn is the file created with games matched.
  • Other.pgn is the file created with games not matched.
  • For big databases you must disable: "Launch Winboard at the end".
  • Karpov.pgn is a pgn example you may erase it.
  • eco.pgn is necessary to add eco and openings to pgn files in tags.

PGN-Extract Interface

by Ferdinand Mosca

Download PGN-Extract Interface

PGN-Extract Interface


This program will act as an interface for the excellent portable game notation (PGN) utility program pgn-extract by David J. Barnes.

Files Required

About the interface

This program is written using microsoft Visual c# 2010 Express. Pgn-extract version 16.7 is used as a guide in the development of this interface.


The interface needs to know where the pgn-extract file is located, click the pgn-extract in the menu and follow the open dialog box. Then the source file or the input file should also be defined, just click the command button at the left of sourcefile textbox. For the output file just write a filename you like in the outputfile textbox. The output file will be located where the sourcefile is located. There are options found in the tab. Tool tips are provided but not all. Users are encouraged to read the help file of pgn-extract too. Combination of option is easy, like for example, extract games played by Crafty as white in year 2007 with result 1-0, with opponent having a rating of more than 2700, clean the file, and remove duplicates and only select games with moves below 40.


At present the output file is always overwrite, so be careful with the file naming of your output file. Be careful also of your source file, always create a backup just in case, accidents may happen. Also the interface does not remember yet the location of pgn-extract.exe program when it is exited. Not all options in pgn-extract program are supported. Only those mostly used options are implemented.


The program is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. The author is not responsible for any damage or losses of any kind caused by use or misuse of the program.