1. How is it possible to integrate the chess pages into my homepage created and managed by a web editor?

Unfortunately this is mostly not possible because web editors do not know all files of the chess projects and thus they cannot handle them. It is recommended to do the following:

  • Define a separate folder as output folder for the chess projects, for example "games", and create a folder with the same name on your server with a ftp program.
  • Create in the folder "games" a subfolder "images" (always lower cases are recommended) and enter its name in the configuration "Folder for shared files" of PGNtoJS. Create this subfolder on the server, also.
  • Actually now only the content of these folders must permanently be synchronized, that means, copy all files created from the local folder to the folder with the same name on the server after the creation of a project.
    If you use the upload function of PGNtoJS, insert into the upload configuration of PGNtoJS the name "games" (valid for this example). A subfolder "images" will be created while uploading, if it's necessary.
  • Link the main file of the project "projectname.htm" or "projectname.html" with your web editor now ("projectname" is that name entered in the main window of PGNtoJS). If it should not work with the web editor, open that file which shall contain the link to the chess project with a simple text editor like Notepad and enter a line like
    <a href="games/projectname.html">Show game</a>.
    If the file which shall display this link Show game is not located in the root of the server, but in a subfolder on the same level like the created subfolder "games", the entry must be: <a href="../games/projectname.html">Show game</a>.
  • In the folder "games" - on the local scomputer as well as on the server - you can now save all your chess projects and link them to the main pages in the described way. All file names of a separate project begin with the project name and thus they are displayed together in the alphabetical lists of file managers.

2. Can I merge random positions into existing pages?

No, this is not yet possible without frames. But you can do the following:

  • Open the existing template page with a text editor.
  • Copy and paste the html code between the <body> tag (exclude this tag) and the place where the game should be inserted to a text file "first.txt".
  • Copy and paste the html code between the place where the game should be inserted and the closing </body> tag (exclude this tag) to a second text file "last.txt".
  • Go to "Convert - Settings - Custom HTML - As an option, insert the html code from text file".
  • Choose "first.txt" for "In front of notation" and "last.txt" for "Behind notation".
  • Deselect "Layout - For each game a new page" and select "Layout - No frames" and "Advanced - Create a separate project for each game". Create the project - the games are named "projectname0001.htm", "projectname0002.htm", etc.).
  • Copy and paste the html code below to a new html file "start.html" (the name can be chosen freely, of course) created in the project folder. Adjust the three variables in this page as described in the hints within the html code.
  • Now you can start this new page which will invoke the project pages randomly.


// you may change the title
<title>Random Game</title>

<script language="JavaScript"><!--

function randomPage() {

// Please note: The next three variables must be changed according to the current project

// number of created html pages
var max = 10;

// name of the project
var projectname = "game";

// extension (in this example the file names are "game0001.html", "game0002.html", etc.
var extension = ".html";

// get a random number
var i = Math.round(Math.random() * max);
if (i < 1)
i = 1;
if (i > max)
i = max;
var s = "";
if (i < 1000) s = s + "0";
if (i < 100) s = s + "0";
if (i < 10) s = s + "0";
s = s + i;

// load the randomly chosen page
location.href = projectname + s + extension;



<body onload="javascript:randomPage()">


3. Why does my server refuse the upload of the created pages?

Please check whether the project name entered into the corresponding field fits with the file names allowed on your server.
In addition, you can force the program to use the extension ".html" instead of ".htm" if you enter "projectname.html" instead of only "projectname".

4. How can I add markers or special pictures to the squares in determined positions?

You can use the "fairy chess" feature for such purposes. Do it in this way:

  • Create a new set of pieces as described in "Settings - Diagram – Pieces." You might save the including example as bitmap and then replace the pieces with symbols as you like.
  • Choose this bitmap in "Settings - Problem chess - Fairy pieces".
  • Start the game editor and press the button on the left side.
  • Now you can set up any pictures (pieces) after selecting "Setup". Deselect it after setting up the position and before making any further moves.
If this function should not be flexible enough for your purposes, you might use the integrated html editor, but it is more difficult to handle. There you can edit the games quite freely. For instance, you can change the text of a move or assign a position to any text link.

5. May I use the "Winboard" pieces instead of the default set of pieces?

Yes, if you provide the following information somewhere on your website:
The chess pieces created by E. Bartel are distributed under the terms of the <a href="http://www.mailchess.de/linkto/gnu_gpl.html" TARGET="_blank"a>GNU GPL</a>

6. Why does the program insert a line break if an apostrophe is written in the move commentary?

Please go to "Settings - Options - Misc. - Insert paragraph instead of character" and change or delete the value in this field.

7. Can I edit the created pages with my web editor?

If possible, you should avoid it and use a simple text editor instead, if you have some knowledge about html.

However, most web editors are able to keep the previous structure and scripts of the chess sites, and they should work. But please note: Sometimes the code is changed and then the html structure is not quite consistent. In the worst case, your browser still displays it correctly, but other browsers with diverse plug-ins (for filtering popup windows, etc.) might have problems loading the pages.

8. Why do the pieces not appear on the board after uploading the pages?

Please check whether the path from the project folder to the shared files folder defined in "Settings - Advanced - Folder of shared files" on your local system is identical with the path on the server.
For example, if you saved the project in "..\games" and the shared files in "..\games\images", on the server a folder named "images" must be a subfolder of the project folder, also. Copy the shared files into that "images" folder, as well as these files were created on your local system.

9. If the program was started more than one time (for a live game transmission), the function "Recreate project automatically when the pgn file is changed" does not more work.

You can only avoid this bug, if you copy the files of the program folder into a second folder (or third, and so on) and start pgntojs.exe in this folder once more.