Portable Game Notation to Javascript. PGNtoJS

by Uwe Auerswald

Download PGNtoJSDownload PGNtoJS:

This tool converts chess games from a PGN-file to HTML-pages. On these the surfer is able to replay the moves.


The browser must be able to use JavaScript Version 1.1 (for instance, the browsers of Netscape and Microsoft version 4 or higher or Opera version 5 or higher).

If you drag a PGN-file to the program icon, all games in this file will be converted into a playable game file for posting on the internet. The output files will be saved to the folder chosen by the user in the configuration. They are named after the PGN-file. Also, the game list accepts Drag & Drop.

In addition, the program can be started from the command line with 2 parameters: "pgntojs.exe c:\test.pgn projectname". In this case existing project files will be overwritten without question, and the browser will not be started. If you do not wish to convert all containing games, you can enter a list with numbers of the desired games, separated with spaces.


Some objects, such as the game list or the game editor, offer a context menu with additional functions after a click with the right mouse button. Hold down the button while Fischer-castling. In addition, some fields display a hint after moving the mouse cursor onto them. If you should need further help, please ask your question by "? - Feedback".

Please note, that you can compress the created gif files a little bit if you load them into a graphic program and then simply save them without changes.

This program which works under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP converts chess games from a pgn-file to html-pages. On these the surfer is able to replay the moves in the game. Please copy the files of archive into a folder of your choice and start "pgntojs.exe". Your having a basic knowledge of website creations and pgn-files would help you to use this program more effectively.



This software is based, in part, on the works of Anders Melander (gif component) and on the works of Ben Bulsink (dgtb100.dll). User interface ideas from Juraj Pivovarov. Translated into English by Bob Riley.